Правовой центр " Ваш защитник". Юридические услуги в Екатеринбурге и Нижнем Тагиле
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Legal advice in Russia for foreign companies and foreigners

Legal center "Your attorney" is a close-knit team of highly qualified lawyers who specialize in different areas of law and economics and effectively solve complex legal problems in the shortest time.

 Our firm has offices in two cities of the Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil. We are performing our legal services in many regions of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk as well as outside Russia.   

We are offering a variety of legal services to our foreign clients (both legal entities and individuals), including: 

  • legal advising on different areas of Russian law;
  • legal advice in taxation of cross-border transactions;
  • representing clients in court proceedings;
  • making of claims and lawsuits;
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • representing client’s interests in commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction;
  • debt collection, working with bailiffs;
  • drafting contracts and carrying out their legal expertise;
  • drafting other legal documents;
  • translation of documents from Russian to English, Swedish, French, German and vice versa 

Our highly skilled lawyers have law degrees from European universities, are very experienced in transnational legal affairs  and speak fluently English, German and Swedish. 

We are offering legal help for all foreign companies who want to have a business in the Russian Federation or have Russian partners. We are also offering a legal advice to those foreigners who have encountered Russian legal system in one way or another: immigration issues, visa problems, marriage contracts, family law, adoption, criminal prosecution, intellectual property rights, etc.   


You can contact us by phone: +7 (343) 253-28-10 or by email: info@pcvz.ru